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Collectible Figurines



Thomas Blackshear II

Great Opportunity for
Thomas Blackshear

Debut Issue of Evening Rose
Limited to 500 Pieces - Signed
Thomas Blackshear II

Thomas Blackshear is a world class illustrator. He is best known for his limited edition prints and collector's plates. In April 1995, Blackshear introduced his first six limited edition sculptures as part of the "Ebony Visions" Collection. Since then over 50 new designs have been added to the collection.

Blackshear's elegant style is a blend of both Art Nouveau and African culture. Blackshear calls his style Afro-Noveau. In his own words, "My work is meant to transcend all racial and cultural lines, because in essence, the physical and spiritual expression in my sculptures are all part of the human experience."

Since the introduction of Ebony Visions, Blackshear has received numerous awards including the prestigious 1996 National Association of Limited Edition Dealers "Rising Star Award."

In 1998, Thomas Blackshear introduced a new line of powerful works of art titled "The MasterPeace Collection". These pieces demonstrate Blackshear's perfect marriage of artistic excellence and scriptural principles.

Now, Thomas Blackshear introduces a series of limited edition fine art prints celebrating human and natural beauty, which further exemplifies his meticulous style and limitless creativity.


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